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How to Prevent Ransomware Attacks I eBook 


It doesn't matter if a company is large or small, where it's based or what customers it serves. Cybercriminals don't care. Enter: ransomware - the ever-present threat to businesses across all industries. 


The average cost of a corporate breach was $2.8 million in 2020 - most small business victims had no chance of recovering after they were breached. 


In this eBook. we'll dive into ransomware and provide strategies on how to prevent ransomware attacks and protect your business from both internal and external threats. 

    • Chapter 1: What is Ransomware? 
    • Chapter 2: Ransomware Variants
    • Chapter 3: You've Been Breached! What Next? 
    • Chapter 4: Level Up Your Security 
    • Chapter 5: Security Posture Assessment Backed by CIS Controls 

Layered security is essential and every ounce of protection pays off. 


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