IT Security Services


Cyber-attacks happen. What’s the target? Your data. That’s the reality of today’s business world. Without proper IT security services in place, your business could be vulnerable. What makes sense for one company may not work for another – that’s why it’s important to work with an IT service provider who understands your business needs.


Whether you’re in need of computer and network security, disaster recovery services or business continuity solutions, Compudyne has an offering that is right for your business. We know securing your critical data and ensuring your business is operating at 100% is your top priority – it’s ours too.

Our highly experienced team works closely with our clients to determine what services make the most sense for their businesses. No two businesses are exactly alike, so it doesn’t make sense to offer a pre-packaged security suite. We offer what you need, when you need it – and we keep an eye on the industry for updates and changes that might impact your business.

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Web Security, Filtering & Reporting

Take control of your network and eliminate threats to your business with the industry's top web security, filtering and reporting services. As part of this service, we provide an in-depth web content analysis, intelligent filter avoidance detection and protection, malware detection and more. Trust Compudyne to safeguard your presence on the web.

E-Mail Encryption

Much of your critical business data is shared via e-mail. It's the lifeblood of your business. We'll help you to design encryption, routing, blocking and branding for outgoing messages based on the corporate policies. Our e-mail encryption service deploys in less than a day, integrates seamlessly with exisiting systems and requires minimal training.

Backup Services

Save time, money and ensure business continuity with scalable backup services from Compudyne. Backup Pro is available to businesses of all sizes, offering backup and recovery with sotrage on-site and in a secondary data center. Backup Lite is designed specifically as a file and folder based backup solution.

Site Disaster Recovery

Avoid costly downtime with site disaster recovery services. We utilize VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) to automate failover, failback and migration of virtual machines to a secondary site in the event of a data center disaster. It's smart to be prepared for "just in case" scenarios. Risking your business just isn't worth it.